Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Why I'm Not A Food Critic XVIII

The Kill Everyone Project is back! Bwahaha! :)

It's odd that I don't know very much about Pearl River, considering that's the town next to mine. So I was surprised to find out through a yellow pages search last night that it has a Thai restaurant!

So I went to Royal Siam Thai Cuisine in Pearl River for lunch today. It's not a very conspicuous restaurant unless you know what to look for. So I ended up passing it once and again in the other direction before seeing it. Not a very busy restaurant as there was only one other occupied table. The decor is rather subdued except for the big deer (Thai deer??) and a mythical figure next to the entrance.

They have some reasonably priced lunch specials. I had the Kowe Soy, a dish of crispy noodles and chicken in yellow curry. Even though I did not request the spicy version, the curry was very flavorful. I also ordered the Thai iced tea, which was refreshing.

Anyway, I was rather impressed with the food so this place is worth a revisit.

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