Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Bear Mountain State Park in the morning

Very cold this morning although a bit of walking around there soon fixed that. Picked up two new bigbill6 geocaches and an older geocache further in from the road. I believe the three of them are in Bear Mountain State Park, which is next to Harriman State Park.

Bear Mountain Number 2
This one is very near the Overlook Lodge, which I believe is the alternative lodging for the area if you're not staying at the Bear Mountain Inn. In fact, the Overlook Lodge is where I parked before climbing down the steep slope to the cache.

Bear Mountain Number 3
This one is a lot closer to Route 9W so that's where I came in from. The trails in this area were very muddy and wet (with flowing water) but were still walkable. I must be better at going uphill now as this morning's walk up is not even close to being as difficult as I remember. The colder weather probably helps a lot too.

District No.7
This is just down the trail about 0.6 mile from Bear Mountain No. 3 so I went for it too. It's in Doodletown, or to be more specific, at the former site of a school building. It's a ghost town. Several cemeteries remain but not much of the foundations. Nothing remains of the school although a sign marks the location.
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