Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Got $150 million $7 in Tuesday's MegaMillions so I went to the Palisades Center Mall to cash the ticket. Anyway, since I was at the mall, I took a look around. There is now a 4D Theater on the top level. What's that? According to the website, it is "the combination of 3D movies with chair effects, wind blowing, water spraying, leg ticklers, and environmental enhancement such as virtual fog, rain, lightning, air bubbles, and special smells..." Leg ticklers?? Egads.

I also noticed that the Target store had installed a lot more price scanners. It used to be that I had to walk across half the store to get to a scanner. This evening, I needed to check a price in the grocery section and I was right next to a scanner! Such convenience.

Uploaded new Limpidity comic strips tonight. See here or in limpidity.
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