Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Flat Tire Blues Redux

Saturday - South Jersey

Went all the way down the state, ending in Southern Cumberland County. And I'm glad I did because the Heislerville WMA is rather scenic. Anyway...

Bambi's Bramble in Bordentown (New Jersey)
Bordentown. All I know about this place is it's a wooded area behind houses. Didn't see the deer carcase mentioned in the cache description.

Ivy League (New Jersey)
Small park and playground in Cherry Hill. The name of the cache notwithstanding, Syracuse, Rutgers, Colgate, Bucknell and Clemson aren't in the Ivy League. I believe Dartmouth is, so that's a sufficient hint as to where to park for the cache.

Nipper was Hipper (New Jersey)
Cherry Hill. RCA was here?

Cooper River Cache #1 (New Jersey)
Collingswood near the Cooper River. The Geojukebox used to be here but I think it was plundered. Hope this one lasts longer.

Come to Palmyra - Horse Face (New Jersey)
Palmyra Cove Nature Park in Palmyra. I'd been here before for three other caches and now there's one more. The Nature Center is now open. It was under construction the last time I was here.

Do me a favor, open the door, and let 'em in (New Jersey)
Chuck Fasola Park in Deptford. This is also a replacement for another cache nearby that was plundered. Again, I hope this one lasts longer because it is clever.

(Not At) Millville Airfield (New Jersey)
Millville Airfield Memorial in Millville. Very conspicuous location but the rain kept the crowds away. (Picture: the mural)

Out To Launch (New Jersey)
Fowser Road Boat Launch in Millville. Quick dash and grab until I got caught in the thorns at the overgrown part of the trail. (Picture: stump in the mud)

Mickey & Minnie (New Jersey)
Harold Peek Preserve in Millville. There were three caches here at first but the owner had to move out of state so he removed them. This cache and the following one are the two replacements placed by a local.

Piney Power #2 (New Jersey)
Harold Peek Preserve in Millville. Largest cache I've seen since the 5-gallon bucket last week. Take a look. It's enormous.

They Paved Paradise....Put Up A Parking Lot (New Jersey)
Hands Mill Pond in Belleplain State Forest. No big yellow taxi though.

Letterbox in the Pines (New Jersey)
Hands Mill Pond in Belleplain State Forest. Forgot to bring a rubber stamp so I made a thumb print in the log book. Then I had to wipe my green inky thumb on some leaves.

All 12 Satellites (Driving Tour Two) (New Jersey)
Heislerville WMA in Leesburg. It's an interesting place. Lots of water but there are berms you can drive on. Or walk on, as I did.

Sunday - Bucks Co, PA

Pretty good day until the end when I got a flat tire in Pennsylvania. Changed to the spare tire. Then the spare tire got flat too. The road's just full of nails. So I called AAA to get a tow truck to get home. What a day.

Rest Stop NJ Turnpike (N&S) Ridgefield, NJ (New Jersey)
Started the day with two rest stop caches, this one and the following one. I was going on the Turnpike anyway so these two were on the way.

Rest Stop NJ Turnpike South Cranbury NJ (New Jersey)
The second rest stop cache.

Historic Fallsington Walking Tour (Pennsylvania)
Multi-stage virtual cache in Levittown. Essentially a walk around Historic Fallsington.

The Woods at Caroline's (Pennsylvania)
Oxford Valley Park in Fairless Hills. Quick and easy. As I was about to go, I met another geocacher and family (HymanGo) in the parking lot.

florida pirate trail #2 (Pennsylvania)
Neshaminy State Park in Bensalem. A bit more of a walk but pretty easy.

Holy Cache, Batman! (Pennsylvania)
Torresdale section of Philadelphia. This is the site of the ruins of a chimney.

Soccer Madness (Pennsylvania)
Small park in Huntingdon Valley. No kidding about the soccer madness. I got there just as soccer practice ended.

Truffle Shuffle (Pennsylvania)
Wentz Pond and Mondauk Commons. Nice two-parter. The cache seemed strangely exposed and not where the clue said it was supposed to be.

Up The Creek! (Pennsylvania)
Four Mills Nature Area (Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association) in Ambler. Rather scenic area by the Wissahickon Creek. (Pictures: the creek, the creek again)

Anna's Cache (New Jersey)
Cherry Hill. Small wooded area in a residential neighborhood. Strange thing about these woods is there are floodlights here. As I got there at around dusk, the lights were on and that made it easier to get in and out.

Monday - Fix A Flat

I removed the spare tire and put the regular leaky tire back on. I had a few canisters of tire foam so I used one of them to fix the tire temporarily. It worked... sorta. The pressure in the can wasn't enough to fully inflate the tire. So I drove the car with the half-inflated tire over to the repair place to get the tire plugged. (I really need to get one of those plug kits!) Didn't dare to drive over 20mph on the bad tire so I probably pissed everyone off along the 3-mile route.

The spare definitely needed to be replaced too. It's one of those mini tires that doesn't look safe to drive on. So I opted to get another regular tire to use as a spare. I'll pick that up tomorrow. The downside is a regular tire doesn't fit in that special compartment in the trunk so it will take up trunk space. Doesn't matter anyway. I usually put the luggage in the back seat when I travel.

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