Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Harriman's Thursday Three

Yes, another early morning dash out to Harriman State Park. The fall colors are starting to appear and the best view was from the mountain.

White Bar Trail (New York)
Next to the White Bar Trail. (the trail marker is a horizontal white bar) From the parking area on Route 106, it was probably 3/4 of a mile or more.

Fire on the Mountain (New York)
Further in from the White Bar Trail cache. From the trail, it's a rough climb up the mountain although there may be easier approaches from other directions. The view from the top is pretty good though.

Bushwhack (New York)
Turkey Hill loop off Route 6. A bit of drama going on there. Apparently some folks were telling Big Bill that his caches were too easy. That may or may not be the case but what's the point in nitpicking? No one's forcing them to find his caches. Anyway, since the name of the cache is 'Bushwhack', that's exactly what I did. All the way there and back. Not too difficult.
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