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Ice Cream Day

Ooh... free ice cream at work today! It was sponsored by the building's landlord. Very much appreciated as it happened to be one of the hottest days in September so far. Urge to complain about the faulty elevator fading... fading... fading...

Wha? Huh? Oh yeah... the elevator. The doors get stuck and won't close until you jiggle them a bit. Uh... I think I'll take the stairs.

Then, of course, there are the vending machines. Sometimes an item will get stuck and just stay there until you buy another one. Then both will tumble down. That's an easy solution but you end up with one more item than you wanted to buy. The alternative, kicking or tipping the machine, is ill-advised. Not the landlord's fault though as the vending machines belong to another company. (who, as far as I can tell, doesn't hit Where's George dollar bills. :) )

Speaking of Where's George bills, the dentist's office does take them. Yes! And the cash discount I got was quite unexpected!

Went out this evening to get a new yellow eTrex. Tried each of the Ramsey Outdoor stores because I had a coupon. The store in Paramus didn't have any eTrexes left. Store clerk informed me those have been flying off the shelves. Wow! How many new geocachers do we have these days, huh? :) (okay, I know that's not the only use for a GPS but still...) Went to the store in Ramsey next. There's a Ramsey Outdoor in Ramsey... who knew? They had two left, so I got one.

Found out on the Garmin website that out-of-warranty service is $59 for the eTrex. That, plus shipping, would come to a good fraction of the price of a new unit. And I can always get coupons or discounts at Ramsey Outdoor or other camping/outdoor stores. It doesn't seem worth sending an eTrex back for repairs. For more expensive models like the GPS V, maybe, but not the low-end yellow eTrex.

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