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Long Island today. Of all those, TB PENITENTURY[sic] was the most bizarre location. Don't fall or drop anything!

At BAMF 1, my camera quit working. The shutter wouldn't open. It's still under warranty so I can send it back but this is annoying. I think my next camera should be one with a regular lens cap. No fancy moving parts.

Oakland Lake Ravine in Queens. Was Tweety already there before the cache was placed?

Alley Pond Cache (CAR-4) (New York)
Alley Pond Park in Queens. They have some nice paved walking paths.

Northern Blvd in Roslyn. This is one crazy place. In fact, I wasn't even sure of the cache location until I saw the means to get there.

Well, Well, Welwyn (New York)
Welwyn Preserve in Glen Cove. Saw an abandoned building on the way to the cache, but possibly because I took a wrong turn.

Wolf Hill Park (New York)
Terry Farrell Park in Huntington. Quickie cache.

RPA-41 Heckscher SP South West (New York)
Heckscher State Park in East Islip. There was a line of cars at the entrance so I used the alternate entrance from a residential area. Somewhat longer walk but easy and flat.

Mayhem Crew Cache II (New York)
Southaven Park in Yaphank. Near the LI picnic site, but I accessed the area via the stables.

Celtic Beastie I (Mayhem Crew Cache) (New York)
Southaven Park in Yaphank. Near the LI picnic site, but I accessed the area via the stables.

BAMF 1 (New York)
Unknown park area in Farmingville. Relatively quick and a short walk from parking, even if the entrance is rather rough. This is where I found that my camera wasn't working. As I left, the lady in the house next to the woods asked if I was buying the land. She said a few other people had come by to look at that spot.

LW-02 TraffiCache (New York)
Brookhaven Town Nature Preserve in South Setauket.

DP02 - Plastic Platoon (New York)
Unknown wooded area in Patchogue behind a playground. This location is troublesome because it is residential and a suspicious resident called the cops while a cacher was there. No cops this time though and the cache didn't take too long to find even if it was well-hidden.


Orange and Ulster Counties. More hilly today but there are some great views (with fall foliage) at Platform Rock and Stillman's Vista II.

Used the backup camera, a Largan Chameleon Mega, today. I'd use it all the time except there is no preview and some images appear a bit fuzzy. (and I don't know to retake those because there is no preview)

back to school (New York)
Near a school in New Windsor. Can't imagine doing this while school is in. No problem on Sunday though even if some of the locals were loitering in the parking lot.

alien cache (New York)
Rail trail in Salisbury Mills. Nice trail although access is limited by private property.

At The Entrance (New York)
Winding Hills Park in Montgomery. Easy one at the park entrance.

Waters Edge (New York)
Winding Hills Park in Montgomery. Near the lake. Well-hidden. Saw some people painting the fall scenery at the boat launch.

Big Rock Over Hang (New York)
Winding Hills Park in Montgomery. Once again the cache's name is descriptive. Picture: Fall foliage woodland scene

Butterfly Rock (New York)
Winding Hills Park in Montgomery. Once again the cache's name is descriptive. The rock really looks like a butterfly.

Old Rock Wall (New York)
Winding Hills Park in Montgomery. Near picnic area and square pond.

Kimball 1942 (New York)
Winding Hills Park in Montgomery. At the high point of the park so it was steep.

Platform Rock (New York)
Wurtsboro Ridge in Mamakating. Short and steep climb but the view is worth the effort.

Hurley Rail Trail (New York)
Just 27 or so miles up Route 209 from the previous cache. Hurley-Marbletown Rail Trail in Hurley. This cache was relocated from Kingston so I saw my previous entry in the logbook.

Stillman's Vista II, Storm King's Version (New York)
Storm King State Park in Cornwall on Hudson. There are warning signs about unexploded ordnance in the ground. The trails had been cleared though so they should be safe. In truth, I doubt the remaining unexploded ordnance, if any, is all that dangerous. It's been decades since the area was bombarded but the park has to be careful about this.

Anyway, it was a good walk to the area, followed by a great view.

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