Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Tuesday Three

#1: I was going through one of the Greenfield Online surveys and saw this question:
In the past 7 days, which of the following activities have you performed? (Select as many as apply.)
  • Eaten in a restaurant
  • Bought toothpaste
  • Gone to a movie
  • Brushed your teeth with a toothbrush
  • None of these
Okay, now wait a minute... there are people who haven't brushed their teeth with a toothbrush for a whole week? Are they brushing with a twig from a tree? :)

#2: Went to the Paramus Park Mall this evening. There's a Waldenbooks there. Waldenbooks has a customer discount card that gives you 10% off. They also say they'll send a $5 gift certificate for every $100 in purchases. I did get a few $5 gift certificates but those stopped coming quite some time back. This evening, I asked about that. The cashier checked at the computer terminal. It turns out that my address in the database was incorrect! So I may be getting a whole bunch of $5 gift certificates soon. Yay! Wonder what I'll buy with those. Hmm...

#3: Went to the International Food Mart in Spring Valley again. This time I noticed they had caviar and turkish delights. Not a fan of caviar so I got the turkish delights. Hope those are good. Also got the butterwaffeln and some unusual Swedish thin orange cookies. Have to try all those. Also went to the food court there. This time there were more customers there so I wasn't as leery about the food. I had the wonton noodle soup. Well, it's still not quite the Cantonese style I was looking for but somewhat better than the average Chinese takeout's wonton soup. Then I noticed no one else there was eating. Uh oh.
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