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I had the camera all packed and ready to ship to Nikon for warranty service yesterday but the post office was closed. So I did that this morning. Here's the odd thing. People here will stop for you to make a left turn. No, that's not the odd thing! The problem is the tiny parking lot next to the post office was choked up so I'd have to wait anyway. But someone on the road was waiting for me to turn into the post office parking lot, not realizing that I couldn't do that until someone in the parking lot got out of the way. What a quandary.

Got an optical mouse at CompUSA last night. It's free after rebate. Free here means about $1 because I still have to pay the NJ sales tax and the postage for sending in the rebate form. (And that's assuming they make good on the rebate.) It's a pretty nice item and a good upgrade, replacing the old IBM Scrollpoint.

Harriman State Park. Letterrock Mountain and Tiorati Brook Area. Went for this geocache early in the morning. Another cold morning but it warmed up eventually. Trail was just a bit wet in some spots. Then I bushwhacked up the mountain to get there. Nice view from there.

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Well, I'm not paying $4 to find out who the "0.5 people" are. :)

The data is just a reverse lookup of what people have been entering into the original Secret Crush Meme. Some have been rudely surprised to see the data used in that way. But if something is a secret, perhaps you shouldn't be entering it into a website that you don't control. After all, you really don't know the character of the webmaster.

That caveat could apply to a number of other memes and quizzes too, especially if the first step involves entering your LiveJournal username. Who knows what else is lying in databases waiting to be revealed to the world? Hey, maybe this could lead to more scrutiny over and increased wariness of the many quizzes and surveys out there. Maybe this will even cut down on the friends page quiz clutter, although somehow I doubt it. :)

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