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Pizza Party Weekend


This was the day of the Surprise Where's George Gathering at Picasso Pizza in Bethlehem, PA. The surprise was that Pino and Biagio, the co-owners of the pizza place, didn't know about the gathering. So we sent in the Georgers who hadn't been there before first. Then the rest of us familiar faces went in and surprised them. Since that was a pizza place, we had pizza... and calzones... and stromboli... and garlic rolls... etc.

Of course, I went geocaching before (morning) and after (night) the event.

The other thing that happened is I purchased a Powerball ticket in Allentown and found out later that I'd won $162 million $4. Cashed it on Sunday at a gas station in Bucks County.

Clinton Cache (New Jersey)
Clinton. This historic area is along the river behind the red mill. Apparently, there would be a Halloween Fest later that night. This picture shows one of the Halloween decorations along the river. Look, it's someone just hanging around. Heheh.

Hunter's Cabin (Pennsylvania)
Allentown. Near the Hunter's Cabin beyond the covered bridge. The people in the latter picture are in the charity run / marathon taking place that morning.

Little Lehigh Creek Stroll (Pennsylvania)
Lehigh Parkway in Allentown. Easy paved path. The marathon was still in progress but on the other side of the river.

General Trexler's Park (Pennsylvania)
Trexler Park in Allentown. Near the statue and viewing area.

Rest Stop I-287 North New Vernon, NJ (New Jersey)
Interstate Rest area in New Vernon. Stopped here at night on my way home to bag this cache. Pretty easy, even in the dark.


A trip through Southern Bucks County and then continuing across the Delaware through South Jersey.

Achieved the 2,100 finds milestone at the last cache of the day. Doesn't seem nearly as significant as 2,000 did last month though.

Pennsbury Woods (Pennsylvania)
Wooded area behind apartment complex in Levittown. No idea what area this is but the cache was easy.

Lost in the Vermilion Hills (Pennsylvania)
Trenton Road Park in Levittown. Another run in and grab.

Another World (Pennsylvania)
Neshaminy State Park in Bensalem, where the Neshaminy Creek meets the Delaware River. Looks like a beach because of all the sand but it's actually an estuary.

Rest Stop PA Turnpike (East) Bensalem, PA (Pennsylvania)
Neshaminy Rest Stop in Bensalem. A quickie rest area cache but I had to be careful because a couple in a van was parked nearby.

John F Kennedy Park in Burlington. Pretty standard park except that the town has decided to run a sewage pipeline through it.

Cooper River Cache #2 (New Jersey)
Camden County Municipal Park in Collingswood. Yet another cache along the Cooper River. This one's a very small cache.

Rollin' Down the River (New Jersey)
Thorofare, near a former ferry jetty. Good view of some ships across the Delaware River in the naval shipyard.

#1 Riverwinds Peninsula (New Jersey)
Riverwinds Point in West Deptford Township. The entrance is an obscure road through a senior community housing area. Interesting view from the cache spot. This is the place where the two pieces of land point to each other. There is a weird square bay to the right in the picture.

#2 Oh, My Spanish Is Not So Good (New Jersey)
West Deptford Park in West Deptford. Very nice park. Mostly well-manicured fields with some wooded areas.

The Mantua MambaJamba (New Jersey)
Chestnut Branch Park in Mantua. Large 5-gallon barrel cache but well-camoflaged.

Suburban Wilderness #1 (New Jersey)
Second try for this cache. The previous time, I was having trouble because the GPS wasn't working well. This time, it was quick and easy. Go figure. It's a wooded area just behind houses in Magnolia.

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