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Welcome to Crawl-speed County Park

Turns out I don't have much to write about 9/11. What was I doing at that time last year? Not a whole lot. In fact, I think the first plane crashed into the WTC while I was still asleep. This 9/11 was pretty much a slow day anyway. Customers didn't report very many problems. I spent most of the day not listening to the radio, except for one or two music stations. Hearing the 3,000 names being read in the morning was plenty. Don't mean to be insensitive but perhaps we should have one mega-mourn to get it completely out of our system, and then we can focus on the business of war. It's been a year already!

48,000+ bills at the next refresh.

I was looking through some 'nearest cache' lists and noticed that this cache was removed because someone was caught speeding. The cache owner writes, "I have been asked to remove this cache from it's present location. Someone was caught speeding in the park and revealed that they were on the way to a geocache(FIRE??). This has left the management of the county park system with mixed feelings about Geocaching in general. It is already hard enough to find public spots to locate caches without some cache hunters doing stupid things. moose"

No, I wasn't the one who was caught speeding but I have been to that park before. So what is the speed limit? A whopping 10 mph! Guess they want to protect the tortoises. Can you even drive at that speed? If that's the speed limit, who won't be speeding? Any slower and you might as well get out and walk. Public safety? There's nothing but thick thorny brush on both sides of the road. Trust me, no one's hiking there. Furthermore, and I believe this is an exonerating factor, the speed limit is only clearly visible on the way out of the park. I did not see an in-bound speed limit sign so it's probably well-hidden behind a tree. Also, the road just outside the park is 40 mph so who would expect to have to slow to a crawl? Look, it's not about a fire. It's about reaching the parking area within one's lifetime!

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