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10 caches in Long Island. Technically, Ward's Island is in Manhattan and not part of Long Island. But I'll count that.

Suffolk County police appear to be pulling people over at random or for whatever reason. Don't know what's up with that. There just seem to be more police stops than usual (along ramps, especially) where lots of cars are pulled over. I haven't been stopped once yet though.

Ward's Island Park (New York)
Ward's Island Park. It's an island by itself but technically, it's in the borough of Manhattan. A rather unusual place. The island has two parks, part of the Triborough Bridge and a mental hospital.

Powell's Cove Mallow Marsh Park Cache (New York)
Powell's Cove in Queens. (Picture: the cove)

MacNeil Park Cache (New York)
MacNeil Park in Queens.

Tenney Park in Little Neck. (Queens)

Cache for Kids #1 (New York)
A Nature Conservancy preserve in Cold Spring Harbor. Multicache but all 3 stages were relatively fast to do.

Cache for Kids #2 (K-3) (New York)
Coindre Hall Park in Huntington.

LW-03 Centerport ShackCache (New York)
Twin Ponds Nature Park in Centerport.

A Pair of Ponds (CAR-5) (New York)
Twin Ponds Nature Park in Centerport. Just across the road from the other cache in the same park. (Picture: one of the ponds)

M&M-7 Tracing Your Roots (New York)
Massapequa Preserve in Massapequa Park. Devious multistage because the second part is across the river from the first part. I took the approach of driving to a different parking area for the second part. Lazy, but who wants to walk all the way around and back again?

JMB-18 Ecology Cache (New York)
Holtsville Ecology Center in Brookhaven. This looks like one of those town dumps where the mounds of garbage have been buried and turned into hills. Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach is the same idea.


Haven't been to Connecticut in quite a while. I noticed that the car is significantly more fuel efficient now that I'm not using the air conditioner. Today, after lots of driving around CT and going back home, the tank was still more than half full. Noticed the same thing yesterday. The downside is I can hear the engine and boy, it sure is noisy. And oh, the tire hasn't deflated all weekend.

Had dinner in Milford. At the restaurant, a big, morbidly obese man was standing in the aisle blocking the way. The busboy said "Excuse me" repeatedly but the fat man didn't move. Finally, he did step aside but not without saying "He doesn't get a tip." Such nastiness!

"UnTill We Meet Again" (Connecticut)
Tilley Park in Darien.

Darien Nature Center Cache (Connecticut)
Cherry Lawn Park in Darien. (Picture: large turtle sculpture near the Nature Center

A View From The Bridge (Connecticut)
Selleck's Woods in Darien. (Pictures: The Arched Bridge, pair of box turtles on the trail)

Tangerines By The River (Connecticut)
Riverside Park in Westport.

Nowhere in Wilton (Connecticut)
Schenck's Island Park in Wilton. (Picture: View of the river from the bridge)

Belknap's Craven Adventure (Connecticut)
Belknap Preserve in Wilton. (Picture: weird tree roots)

Quarry Head's Enchanted Forest (Connecticut)
Harrison Smith Preserve in Wilton. This preserve is adjacent to Quarry Head and reachable via trails from Quarry Head.

Quarry Head's Granite Escapade (Connecticut)
Quarry Head in Wilton. Supposedly this is difficult to find, as others have stated. I climbed a bit too high and approached the cache from above. It was easy to see from that direction.

Off the beaten path in Mohegan (Connecticut)
Mohegan Lake Preserve in Fairfield.

Once U-Pond A Time (Connecticut)
Wright's Pond in Orange.

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