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New BigBill6 geocache in Harriman State Park so I headed out in the morning to get it, and another one higher up in the mountains. Started at the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area, an enigma in itself because it's the biggest parking area in Harriman and yet I've never seen more than a few vehicles there. This morning, it was an ocean of parking space just for my car. And of course I parked right at the end, next to the trail head.

The bike trail was rather wet and mushy because of the rain last night. It was a little better once I got to the Appalachian Trail, which is built on firmer ground. Just before the Palisades Parkway, I turned off the trail for a bit and found Bike Trail number 2.

Once, I was done, I continued down the Appalachian Trail and crossed the Palisades Parkway. Since it was rush hour (for folks commuting to New York City), the parkway was very busy. Even so, I didn't have to wait more than a few minutes for a break in the traffic. I wish they'd build a pedestrian bridge though. Following the AT across the parkway is like hiking interruptus.

Before crossing all the way though, I saw an Appalachian Trail Register in the middle of the divider. I'd never stopped at one of these before but I did take a look at this one. There's a log book in the trail register box. AT Hikers are a funny bunch. There was one log entry by someone who wrote that he had been stuck there for three days because of the traffic and was going to make a run for it that night no matter what. There was also a debate on getting water at the ranger station vs water from the stream, and that ended with someone writing "Spend some damn money". And then "Mr. Skittles" wrote "Holy Shit!" in really big letters, followed by advice on taking a look in the register box before reaching in.

Once across the parkway, I continued on the AT up, up, and up the mountain. I think that's Black Mountain. Pretty nice view from up there, although all I was really seeing were other mountains in the area. At the top, I found f|_4Xe. This is a cryptically named cache by Cache Ninja. Fortunately, only the coordinates were needed.

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