Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Watched the Fur and Loathing episode of CSI this evening. As my parents are visiting, they watched too. I think the convention hallway scenes are reasonably accurate. The ways in which they depart from reality are too high a percentage of the con attendees in the show are in fursuit (and we don't all wear fursuits to the panels... I mean "lectures" :) ) and I've never seen yiffing going on like that in convention rooms. But I guess it wouldn't be much of a show if they didn't take some creative license. The ending was a surprise. Certainly not what I expected. Anyway, other than this episode, I haven't watched the show so I don't know if the writing is better or worse than usual.

Also, Mom was considering getting a sewing machine to patch the large numbers of pants of mine that have holes ripped in them from bushwhacking through bramble to geocaches. And it'll be a heavy duty machine so I can use that to make a bodysuit for the wolf costume. That'd be good.
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