Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Strong Winds

Woke up to some pretty strong winds of up to 45mph this morning. The wind slowed down throughout the day but not by much. It was pretty cold in the evening with the low temperatures and the wind. I did not see any damage in my area until I was going home in the evening and I saw the sign with the phone number for local traffic information. One of the legs of the sign had snapped off so the sign was whipping around back and forth in the wind. There was a police car with lights flashing next to the sign so I think they will take care of it soon.

Stopped by the supermarket in the evening. Folks usually leave shopping carts in the parking lot after loading the groceries in their cars. Well, when there are strong winds, that could prove dangerous. I noticed that some carts were getting blown around. I stopped two of the carts that were picking up speed as they rolled across the parking lot and returned them to a cart bay.

When I got home, I couldn't find my wallet. Now, one of the things I do is I have two wallets. One of them has the important stuff. And the other, which I keep on top of the first one, has some cash, coupons and discount cards but nothing really important. The latter wallet is useful in case someone picks my pocket. That way I won't lose anything important. Anyway, that was the one I could not find. No biggie but I went back to the supermarket to look for it as I figured it fell out of my pocket in the parking lot. It wasn't there. It hadn't been returned to the lost and found either. But I thought, eh... it will turn up or no big deal if it doesn't.

Went home again and it was lying on the floor. Heh.

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