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South Jersey and Orange Co

Saturday - South Jersey

Another trip to South Jersey. The objective was to get more Wawa iced tea, breaded chicken, stuffed pretzels and hash browns... and find some geocaches. The Wawa in Malaga had the cheapest gas I've seen in recent times. It was $1.29 per gallon.

The Curiously Strong Micro (New Jersey)
Clark, NJ. Not South Jersey yet but it was near the Parkway.

Colwick Park in Cherry Hill. No trails. Bushwhacked all the way in. The cache description mentions a ravine and a stream but so far, no one, apart from the cache owner, has seen those.

Camden County Park in Collingswood. Easy micro. Met TheMagician on the way back to parking. He mentioned that he had trouble finding the cache so I gave him some information. Apparently, the army was training there that morning as they were all over the parking lot as I was leaving.
Pictures: the river, the park

this tree needs a doctor! (New Jersey)
Mountwell Park in Haddonfield. The first stage is supposedly very devious but I found it within a second of getting there. It does look like a natural object.

The Teacher's Desk (New Jersey)
Brooklawn. Supposedly this cache has stuff confiscated from students. I guess Best of Stern CDs are not allowed in that school. The dog collar seemed a bit too small for anyone, except maybe a chihuahua.
Picture: swampy view from that spot

Old County Court House (New Jersey)
Gloucester City. A monument, strangely tucked away in the corner of the park, about the county court house. The second stage was another devious natural-looking cache.
Picture: view of cranes across the Delaware River

Open Sayza Me # 2 (New Jersey)
James Atkinson Memorial Park in Sewell. Easily the most unusual cache container I've seen in a while. Also found a skull.

Flying Midgets (New Jersey)
Lakeland Memorial Park in Sewell. A two-part cache. First part was a war memorial. Second part was a thorny bushwhack although most of it really was picking the correct side of the clump of thorns to look. I guess that's a field for flying model airplanes but no one was doing that at the time.

Along the ATV Trail (New Jersey)
Franklinville. Strange thing about this area is you see a "No Trespassing" notice if you try to enter from the East, maybe just 0.2 mi from the cache. But if you enter from the South, 0.4 mi from the cache, there are no signs. Also, someone had "Keep Out" signs all over his lawn. There must have been a problem with visiting lawn stompers. Anyway, most of the walk was along a powerlines trail with huge puddles.

Peaslee WMA in Millville. There are some roads crossing the area, according to the map, but all those roads turned out to be sand roads. Not bad sand roads though. The centerpiece of the cache location is an ant mound.

Sunday - Orange County, NY

Orange County is Northwest of my place. Not too far away. JMB-14 and Long Path South involved some tougher uphill/downhill hiking but the rest were a piece of cake. Both lunch and dinner were at the Arby's in Middletown. Don't know too many good places to eat in that area.

JMB-14 The Waterfall (New York)
Appalachian Trail in Monroe. A number of rough stream crossings along the way. And there was a hike up the side of a waterfall along the way too.

Weary Traveler (East) (New York)
Rest Area cache in Middletown. This is a dog run and picnic area next to the restrooms.

She's Piped About This One (New York)
Francher Davidge Park in Middletown. Not sure about the parking but it was a quick dash in.

Hornbeck's Basin Access (New York)
Delaware & Hudson Canal Linear Park in Wurtsboro. Starting point was at the Hornbeck's Basin Access at US-209. Most of the walk was on a towpath next to a canal that was dry part of the way.

Long Path South (New York)
Long Path in Summitville. Steep hike down to the stream and the steep hike up the mountain to the cache. Reverse that for the way back.

Toll House (And its not the cookie kind) (New York)
Apparently, this road used to be the Goshen-Minisink Turnpike for stagecoaches and the toll was collected here. Met two other geocachers at the spot who said they'd been searching for some time. There were indeed a lot of hiding spots. We joined forces and found the cache in not too much time.

Welcome! (Pennsylvania)
PA Welcome Center in Matamoras. Easy pickup at the tourist info center.
Pictures: the welcome center, the hill next to Matamoras

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