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Weekend Update - Jersey Shore and Long Island

Saturday - Jersey Shore

Haven't been down this way in a while but now that the summer crowd is long gone, the driving's easy.

Fox trot (New Jersey)
Huber Woods in Atlantic Highlands. Somehow, I think I missed the official parking area for this one as the cache description says that's a 1-mile round trip. I parked only 700 feet away! Bushwhacked in, of course.

Look at my Weltz (New Jersey)
Louise Weltz Park in Ocean Township. There was a police roadblock on the way there but I think they were only checking inspection stickers. There is a wide trail for most of the way.

Shifting Sands (New Jersey)
Barnegat Light. This virtual cache is about a ship's mast in the sand. Of course the mast was out in the water a long time ago but since then, the ocean has dumped enough sand to extend the land outward by a fraction of a mile.

Barnegat Light. Just a short beach walk.

little cache B I G V I E W (New Jersey)
Barnegat Lighthouse State Park in Barnegat Light. The cache was tiny but the lighthouse was magnificent as always.

Scrub Pine Review (New Jersey)
Stafford Forge WMA in Tuckerton. A forest of dwarf pines along the road.

splish splash---oh i hope not! (New Jersey)
Stanley Tip Seaman Park in Tuckerton. Very close to a lake. Good thing I didn't fall in!

cache with a plus (New Jersey)
Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in West Creek. Still don't know what the "plus" is about.

This place stunk! (New Jersey)
Great Egg Harbor River WMA in Mays Landing. Short walk to the ruins of an old sewage treatment facility.

Party Time (New Jersey)
Tuckahoe WMA in Woodbine. The funny thing about this place is the road on the map is no longer there but there's now a different dirt road going in from another direction. And it's a dual dirt road, one lane for each direction with a divider in the middle! That's pretty classy... for a dirt road. Anyway, it was easy to park next to the lake and get the cache.

Fledging The Eagles (New Jersey)
Tuckahoe WMA in Woodbine. The tower at the cache location was used to fledge young eagles in the State Bald Eagle Restoration Program.

Sunday - Long Island

Not strictly a Long Island tour though because the first stop was in Leonia, NJ on the way there. And the second stop was in Queens, although Queens is part of Long Island. I don't remember having to cross any bridges at the Queens/Nassau border. :)

Garrett's Play and Picnic Cache (New Jersey)
Overpeck County Park in Leonia. One cache in NJ before crossing the Hudson. A very easy 3-step.

Yancx's 6 Cache - Forest Hills WG$ (New York)
Near a hospital in Forest Hills, Queens. Probably pretty close to quentincoyote's place but I wasn't sure. This part of Queens is strange because there are avenues, roads and drives, all with the same number. That must get pretty confusing when giving out addresses and directions.

Yancx's 4th Cache (New York)
Neighborhood park in Valley Stream. This playground is surrounded by houses and access is through little alleys between the houses. Weird.

SLP Cache (New York)
Silver Lake County Park in Baldwin. This lake has lots of ducks.

Happy Hauppauge Hotel (New York)
Next to the service road on the Long Island Expressway in Hauppauge. Unusually bold cache in plain sight and very obvious. I was wondering if it was okay to do that. But an easy one is good.

LW-05 Wicks and Sticks (New York)
Butler-Huntington Woods Nature Conservancy in St James. Rather hilly area and the trail winds around a lot so it wasn't as short as I thought. But easy to find.

JMB-7 Brookhaven Part I (New York)
Beaverdam area in Brookhaven. A wooded area next to a residential area. Went in the wrong way and encountered major bramble. There was an easier way out through someone's yard but the man in the yard didn't mind.

RPA-7 Wertheim Wildlife Refuge (New York)
On the Carmens River in the Wertheim Wildlife Refuge. Recommended access to this cache is by canoe on the river because the canoe landing is near the cache. However, it is possible to walk in on an old woods road from a residential area so that's what I did. Watched the sunset when I was done with the cache.

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