Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Getting The Turkey

I'm planning to archive and remove this geocache but I'll leave it there over the holiday weekend in case anyone else wants to get an easy point. It's my first cache but definitely not my best cache placement. In fact, I'm surprised it has lasted over 2 years without getting vandalized or stolen because it is a very short distance off a jogging path and just behind the tennis courts. Anyway, the cache container is leaking and water has gotten in so it is time to retire it.

Went to the supermarket this evening to get the free turkey. It's one of those offers where if I accumulate $250 of grocery purchases over a month or so, I get the turkey. Anyway, I found that they were out of the particular brand of turkey that qualified for the offer. After staking out the turkey section for a while, a supermarket employee came over and confirmed that I could get a different brand of turkey free as a substitute for the offer. So I was good to go.

Not so fast. I only had $241 worth of purchases. So I decided to do the checkout twice. Once with the day's purchases so I could get to $250 and then a second checkout for the turkey. (It may have worked in one go but there's no guarantee.) That's what I did. Paid for around $12 of groceries and went back to get the turkey. The end, right?

Not so fast. Apparently, I used the ShopRite card instead of the A&P card when checking out so the $12 went to a phantom account. Funny that the self-checkout machine accepted the wrong card. Ugh. So I went to the courtesy counter to get that corrected. At first, I wanted to return all the groceries so I could buy them again on the A&P card but the lady said she could adjust my turkey tally. And she did that.

So I finally got the turkey and took it to the self-checkout machine. Except now the turkey won't scan in. So the attendant keyed in the amount manually. Which of course meant that the turkey discount didn't work. Ack! So he keyed that in manually too.

And so finally I got the turkey. I'll roast it tomorrow, starting in the morning so it will be ready for the afternoon. Happy Thanksgiving!

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