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Eating the Turkey

The next logical step after getting the turkey. Started the turkey preparation in the morning. Rinsed and seasoned the turkey. (with salt and pepper only. No fancy spices around here.) Then I placed it unstuffed in the oven. 4.5 hours at 325°F. Then I had breakfast, waited and watched a bit of the Thanksgiving Day parade on TV.

Started basting the turkey with its own turkey oil at around the 3-hour mark and repeated every half an hour. I'm not sure if that really helps but there has to be a reason the turkey baster was invented. :)

At around 2pm, it was ready. Then I opened the canned cranberry blob and microwaved the canned gravy. Then my family had several servings of turkey for lunch. I think it turned out pretty well for something that took very little preparation. Dinner was the same. A bit less than half of the turkey was left over so I carved the remaining meat and packed it into storage containers for sandwiches later.
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