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Live from Virginia Beach, it's... uhh...

Yes, I'm posting to LJ from a motel room using mobile internet on my laptop. It works! Only thing I just noticed is the shortcut key for 'Back' in Netscape does not work, but that's not something to worry about. X keyboard tweaking... *shudder*

Made the trip to Va Beach safely and in pretty good time. Worst congestion was at the I-495/I-95 intersection near the Springfield Mall, the lunch stop. (Mmmm... A&W. :) ) Other than that, everything seemed fine. Listening to a local newsradio station, it appeared that I dodged a traffic backup at the Fairfax Co Parkway. I think just about the nastiest thing was a speed trap near the roadwork area on the NJ Turnpike. There was an unmarked car with a NJ state trooper poking his radar gun out the window. I wasn't driving very fast at all and so got past it but half a dozen vehicles were pulled over. Egads! Also noticed that there was a Po River and a Ni River at around milepost 119 (VA section) on I-95. Heheh.

Stopped by the Fredericksburg, VA area to bag five caches. Very nice! Everything is rated 1/1 there. Perfect for a quick stop on a long journey. At least some of the virtuals are educational though. The battlefield area was historically significant during the Civil War.

I noticed that the Netmind form at Limpidity is not working. Why doesn't anyone tell me these things? Oh well... I can't fix that here. Not ever sure if the service still exists, actually. I drew a comic strip before leaving home but haven't inked it yet. Also plan to add another one to the set as I got an idea while visiting the Va Welcome Center. Guess it'll be a bit late. So what else is new?

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