Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Thanksgiving Weekend - Western NJ and Lehigh Valley

Last day of a 3-day geocaching (not shopping) spree. Good weather. Dinner was at the Long John Silver's in Easton, which was surprisingly cheaper than the West Islip LJS. And the iced tea was good too.

Ice Cream Cone "Jimmies" (New Jersey)
Residential street corner in Basking Ridge. Rather unusual cache. Didn't take too long to find but was a forehead slapper when I realized what it was.

Gorge Out II (New Jersey)
Millington Gorge in Basking Ridge. A gorge-ous area. Just a little concerned that the planks at the side of the trail will give way if everyone keeps climbing but it should be okay.

Angels For Alison (New Jersey)
Merrill Creek Reservoir in Washington. Longish walk but easy to find even if the cache was hidden in a crafty manner.

First Times A Charm (Pennsylvania)
Upper Hackett's Park in Easton. Actually, I think the recommended parking is in Lower Hackett's Park. I just went in the other, shorter way.

Wander Through Monocacy (Pennsylvania)
Monocacy Creek Park in Bethlehem. Near some ruins. This could have been a difficult bushwhack and a difficult search but I identified the hiding spot from some distance away before crawling through the bushes so it was a snap.

Third Times A Treat (Pennsylvania)
Lehigh Canal Park in Allentown. Easy walk along a towpath.

Down By The Old Mill Stream (Pennsylvania)
Cedar Creek Parkway in Allentown. Easy walk along the stream.
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