Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Snowcaching - Long Island

15-20 inches of snow fell on Long Island on Friday and Saturday. Went there today. The snow makes geocaching difficult sometimes but at other times, it doesn't matter. It really depends on how good the clue is or whether the cache is above the snow line or on the ground under the snow. The worst part was getting snow in my shoes. Had to warm up in the car and at the restaurant. Also, I found out today that pants legs can freeze and become stiff. Gah!

EJ01- Beach Head! (New York)
Stony Brook Beach in Stony Brook. Parking area still had snow on it and the tractor was busy with a different parking area nearby. Had to park on snow. Walked along the snowy beach to the cache area. This one was difficult to find under a foot or so of snow. Took a lot of digging around but I was successful.

dont forget the groceries! (New York)
Pathmark parking lot in Port Jefferson Station. The hiding spot was self-evident but I never thought you could hide something there.

cookies and creme (New York)
Friendly's parking lot in Coram. Same type of hide as the previous one. Had to climb over big mound of snow to get it.

where's george in middle island? (New York)
Small park and playground in Middle Island. Parking area is full of snow so I had to park on the side of the road and walk in. Very small cache.

Laurel's first jewel (New York)
Laurel Lake Park in Laurel. (North Fork) Parking area was full of snow but the road leading into the park was clear so that's where I parked. More walking on a snowy trail and then into a pile of snow. Another cache that needed some digging around to find.

JMB-13 Urban Micro (New York)
Pedestrian bridge in Holbrook. Good to have some helpers here.

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