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Va Beach Day #1

First day in Va Beach. What better way to spend the first day than to hit the three caches I haven't found yet in First Landing State Park. But boy, those are some long trails! Two of the caches required a 4-5 mile loop. Not that hard but quite a bit longer than most walks. There was also one nearby virtual in the Fort Story Military Reservation. Yes, there was security. It was quite an odd experience having my info taken down by the camo-uniformed guard in order to get a cache. :)

It seems my answer for a virtual cache was incorrect so the cache owner deleted the log and then wrote an accusatory note on his cache page that I was 'guessing' answers to inflate my find count. The problem was the cache question was ambiguously framed. I thought there were two possible answers and I chose the wrong one. So, I just sent the cache owner the other answer and will wait for his response. In a way, I'm glad that the geocaching website no longer shows find counts on cache pages. Seems like folks jump to conclusions just because I have a 900+ find count.
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