Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Snowcaching II

Didn't get to do too many today. Some of these geocaches are ridiculously difficult to find under the snow so I may have to wait a while for the snow to melt before going for any more. But I got to visit the Wawa store in Florence twice, at least.

Also got very annoyed with the traffic on the NJ Turnpike. They closed the I-80 ramp and so all the traffic was diverted onto dinky US-46. The result: Traffic delays galore. Ugh.

Seasonal Quickie (New Jersey)
Daley's Pond Recreational Area in South River. Not hard to find in the snow as the clue was a good one. (Picture: the frozen lake)

Wooded area in Burlington. Somewhat harder to find. No clues. Had to rummage around the area.

Nature Rocks (Pennsylvania)
Boy Scouts Nature Area in Abington. Also harder to find but I think the area to search was bounded by the description given.
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