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Va Beach Day #2

Some rain today, on and off all day long. Found some caches in the rural southern part of Virginia Beach. Apart from the rain, none of the caches posed any particular challenge in getting there or finding them. That's a good thing, I think. You don't want to be doing anything too tricky in wet weather.

Stopped by at a Hardee's in Chesapeake, VA for lunch. I'd never been to a Hardee's before and I'd never even have come across it if I hadn't missed a turn. Seemed like as good a time as any to take a look inside. The menu is pretty impressive, actually. Looks like a lot of fast food chains in one. Not too many fast food restaurants have fried chicken, roast beef, hot dogs and burgers together. If they add fried fish and root beer, I may never have to go anywhere else. :)

After lunch, it was time to hit some North Carolina caches and add a new state to my states-cached-in list. First one was pretty close to the state border. The next was some 35 miles further in. In contrast to the jam-packed Va Beach area, northeast NC has a much lower cache density. The two were lots of fun though. Maybe there'll be more next year.
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