Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Unlike Northern NJ, the ground was almost completely free of snow in Long Island. Quite a difference! Also met three geocachers today, possibly a record for chance encounters.

Stillwell Woods Preserve (New York)
Stillwell Woods Preserve in Laurel Hollow. Quite a long walk from the official parking area as I didn't think closer parking was legal.

Massapequa Park Preserve - Greenbelt Trail (New York)
Massapequa Park Preserve in Massapequa. Short dash in. Met JMBella at the cache site and we found the cache together.

JMB-22 Brookhaven Part 2 (New York)
Post-Morrow Preserve in Brookhaven. Interesting hiding mechanism but the cache seems a bit obvious that way.

Mayhem Crew Cache 4 (New York)
Southaven Park in Yaphank. Multi-stage cache but quick because all the stages are close together. Also took a look at horses at the nearby stables.

WRR-7 West Mill Pond (New York)
West Mill Pond in Mastic. Hard to see the cache but WRR, the cache owner, happened to be driving by so he came over and gave a hint.

JMB-23 Is That Supposed to be There? (New York)
Southaven Park in Yaphank. Interesting old cart nearby. Had to come here three times because the first two times, there was someone sawing logs nearby. And he was sawing very slowly. Then on the third time, the cache wasn't there. Then Bayonets4u came along and said that he had to take the cache away temporarily because he could not rehide it because of the man with the chainsaw. So all was well and I finally met Bayonets4u. There were also lots of geese in the parking lot who will approach you looking for a handout.

WRR-6 Chapman's Walk (New York)
Suffolk County Parklands in Manorville. Multistage cache but the whole walk was only about half a mile so it didn't take long and could be squeezed in the time remaining before sunset.

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