Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey

Another pretty good day out. Cold but sunny. No snow on the ground in South Jersey either. Only a few patches of ice on residential roads.

What's This In My Side Yard ???? (New Jersey)
Cherry Hill. Two-part cache. First part was in the strip of park along the Cooper River and the second part was an interesting monument in a residential area.

Picture: the bridge that is in someone's side yard

Like it says. Nothing special. Just behind some houses.

Suburban Wilderness #3 (New Jersey)
Local park in Haddon Heights. Another quick in and out.

Gibbstown Geocache (New Jersey)
Greenwich Lake Park in Gibbstown. Pulling on the "clue" tag produces a loud chirping from the noisemaker in the cache. Funny.

To Be or Not To Be (New Jersey)
Ceres Park in Mantua. Remarkably hilly area for South Jersey. The trail had steep dropoffs to the side.

Woof, woof!! (New Jersey)
John Connolly Memorial Park in Voorhees. 3-part cache but very quick as the first two parts involved only getting information from park signs. One of the locations was a dog run area.

Lucas Lake Lovers (New Jersey)
Silver Lake in Gibbsboro. Access to the paved path appears to be by parking at local businesses or offices and entering. Easy walk on the paved path around the lake to get to all 3 parts of the cache.


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