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Spent a bit too much time looking at the new layout at Where's George? Certainly it's neat but I'm not so sure that it's an improvement. The text is smaller and the main page is now as cluttered as all the other websites out there. However, some of the frequently used features are now easily accessible via the left panel and the pulldowns. It will take some getting used to.

Also found out through their store locator that there's a new Long John Silver's in New Windsor, NY. It is around 38.5 miles from home so I cannot go there every day but that's still a lot closer than the LJS restaurants in Pennsylvania and Long Island. I could go there on some weeknights.

Sunny day today. A bit over 50°F. Nice weather. Went out this morning to get a few geocaches in Monmouth and Somerset Counties. Also found a quick rest stop cache on the way home. It's nice to be able to go geocaching on a weekday. Traffic was a lot heavier today than on a typical weekend but that did not pose much of a problem.

Tatum Whenever You Can Getum (New Jersey)
Tatum Park in Middletown. Easy cache and very close to parking. Nice park. Quiet area.

Strictly on the Level, Yessir (New Jersey)
Fair Haven Fields in Fair Haven. I've been here before for another cache but it was nice to revisit.

Dam Canal Cache (New Jersey)
Delaware-Raritan Canal Towpath in South Bound Brook. Figuring out parking was difficult for this one. Someone did find a closer access but the only one I could see was where the road crossed the canal about 1 mile from the cache. But that's okay because it was an easy walk and an easier find.


Rest Stop GSP (North) Vauxhall (New Jersey)
Vaux Hall Rest Area on the Garden State Parkway in Union. Made a brief stop on my way home for this one. I've been to this rest area a number of times before. The McDonald's there was always a bit more expensive than the average fast foot but that's to be expected for a rest area.

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