Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Just out for a few geocaches this morning. Rather cold weather but no snow or rain. There were a few icy patches in the Garrett Mountain Reservation so I had to be careful not to fall down. Met HartClimbs at the last of the 3 caches and that was quite a coincidence.

Hit another milestone with today's caches. I now have 1000+ cache finds in New Jersey. 1001, to be exact.

Tank You! Tank You! (New Jersey)
Garrett Mountain Reservation in Paterson. A 3-stage cache but the first two were next to the road and easy.

Cemetery Stumper (New Jersey)
Mount Olive Cemetery in Bloomfield. 2-stage cache in a cemetery. First stage involved getting information from a tombstone and I could drive up to both stages on the cemetery road.

Secaucus Panorama (New Jersey)
Laurel Hill in Secaucus. Arrived in the parking area almost at the same time as HartClimbs so we went for the cache together. Easily the best views in the area, partly because this seems to be the only hill rising up from the swamp. Terrain rating at 4.5 is high but I think that's for climbing straight up the rockface. We took the recommended route around the back. Easier, although that still involved a bit of hand-and-foot climbing.

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