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Va Beach Day #4

Happy birthday to me! Actually, it was on the 18th but I usually write LJ entries after midnight anyway so this will have to do.

Didn't really do too much in Williamsburg today. Hit all the caches in Yorktown and Gloucester though and that takes care of the bunch up Route 17. One of the caches was at Beaverdam Lake, another finger lake. There were some bridges to cut across the fingers (ouch, nasty imagery) though but it was still a pretty long walk.

The problem in Williamsburg may be that some of the caches were placed in a national park, in this case the Jamestown settlement historic areas. The NPS has a policy disallowing geocaches and will confiscate any of those in national park areas. Of course, they do that just before I visit. Argh!

Funny story: Back in March, I saw some Maryland caches in a ranger's vehicle when he came to the geocachers' picnic. Those were the very ones I was trying to find the week before!

Dinner was at the Mongolian BBQ in Military Circle. (Norfolk) A birthday treat.

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