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Went to Frenchtown this morning to get digeri. I was early because I thought the drive would take 2 hours when it took only 90 minutes. Why? No traffic at all. Frenchtown is a small town in Western NJ next to the Delaware River. It is chock full of artsy galleries and stores. If you have been to New Hope, well this is pretty much the same but smaller and not as busy.

Then we did 3 geocaches in Hunterdon and Somerset Counties. Good weather. Started out chilly but became unseasonably warm towards midday.

From Little Acorns (New Jersey)
Deer Path Park in Flemington. 3-stage cache. All stages are supposedly accessible by paths but we bushwhacked anyway. Second stage was small and the hardest to see of the three. There was a cool heart-shaped rock at the final stage.

By the pond (New Jersey)
Middlesworth Park in Hillsborough. Not difficult. Just had to go all the way around the pond, although there has to be a shorter way.

Rest In P_ _ _ ? (New Jersey)
Cedar Hill Cemetery in East Millstone. Met another group of geocachers there who had been searching for the cache but couldn't find it. I had experience so after looking for some time, I plucked it out and surprised everyone.

After that, we went to the Bridgewater Commons Mall in Bridgewater for lunch and shopping. Browsed the discount calendars and Digeri found the Simba plush toy he was looking for at the Disney Store. It was on sale too so that was neat. Stopped by the Wawa store on US-202 on the way back to Frenchtown to introduce Digeri to the wonders of stuffed pretzels. :) And that was it.
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