Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

I discovered this morning that the cigarette lighter socket in my car was not working. It was just dead. I don't smoke but that's where I plug in the GPS power cable. Not a big problem today. I know enough of Long Island to be able to drive from stop to stop without the GPS. And besides, most of today's geocaching trip was way over at the Eastern end and that's pretty simple.

Quite a long drive today because I went all the way to Montauk Point at the end of the South Fork. That's about 3 hours from home. Dinner was fish and lobster-stuffed crab cakes at the Long John Silver's in Patchogue. Now, that's good eating.

RPA-35-R1 Champlin Creek Replacement (New York)
Champlin Creek Nature Preserve in East Islip. An easy one. I'd been here before but this is a replacement cache for the previous one, which went missing.

WRR-8 El's Trail Two (New York)
Pine Barrens Trails Information Center in Manorville. Another replacement cache. Apparently, this too went missing a while back. Easy walk on a graveled trail for part of the way. This incarnation of the cache is a 2-stage multi.

Our first cache (New York)
Richard L Fowler Nature Walk in Southampton. Would have been an easy walk if I took the correct trail and didn't end up cutting across the reeds. :)

JMB-17 Sag Swamp Preserve (New York)
Sag Swamp Preserve (Nature Conservancy) in Bridgehampton. Another easy walk and easy find.

Montauk Stone Quary (CAR-2) (New York)
Hither Woods Park in Montauk. Actually, this park is a bit further in. The entrance is actually via a town park and Hither Woods is about 1000 feet in. The beach is rather rocky so it isn't as easy a walk but it's not too bad.

sydwindr 4 montauk trail (New York)
Montauk Point State Park in Montauk. Surprisingly busy area for this time of the year. Lots of people on the trail here. Easy walk but a bit further than expected because the trail twists and turns a lot. Another surprise was that I was the first to find the cache even though it had been sitting there for over a month.

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