Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

New Year

Great way to start the year. Went out to Morris County this morning. Good weather today. Sunny and cool. Attempted five microcaches that are supposedly easy to walk to but hard to find. Got them all without much trouble. I think it's essential to have some helpers for caches that are tricky or hard to spot. My parents came along on this trip and 3 sets of eyes looking around can cut down on the search time significantly.

Mulder's Mean Cache #2 (New Jersey)
Volunteers Park in Parsippany. Rather devious hide but no match for experience.

Mulder's Mean Cache #1 (New Jersey)
Rockaway River in Lake Hiawatha. Tricky hide at a bridge. Went back to the car to get some equipment to help with the search but it turns out that the equipment wasn't needed after all.

Leave It To Beaver (New Jersey)
Lake Ames in Hibernia. Scenic lake area. There was a swan nearby.

Po-Pa-Zee's Pin Cache (New Jersey)
Ryker Lake WMA in Sparta. Another scenic lake area. The lake was iced over.

Mulder's Mean Cache #3 (New Jersey)
A bridge in Wharton. This too would have been difficult to find but somehow I "knew" where it was and picked it up without much looking around.

Also went to the Long John Silver's in New Windsor, NY on the way home, even though it was 30 miles in the wrong direction. I wanted to see what it was like. Apparently, it is a KFC and Long John Silver's co-branded restaurant. Not a bad place. They did not have clam chowder or crabcakes but they had the fish and that's really all I wanted anyway. So it was good.

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