Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Rained all day today but that's no reason to stay home. Unfortunately, as I discovered, rainwater was leaking through the rubber lining at the top of the windshield. I was wondering why the windshield wipers weren't doing anything. Turned out that the water was on the inside of the windshield! :)

Went to the Long John Silver's in Patchogue again. There is definitely a difference between the standalone LJS and the co-branded LJS. The standalone restaurants seem to have better batter for the fish.

Concrete Cache (New York)
Centennial Park in Rockville Centre. Easy cache next to the Mill River.

RPA-43 Center Heckscher SP (New York)
Heckscher State Park in East Islip. Easy walk and pickup.

Foster Avenue Marina (Sayville, LI, NY) (New York)
Beach area in Sayville. I think sooner or later someone's going to stumble on this cache as it was barely hidden when I found it. But it contains only copies of recipes so nothing much will be lost of it gets stolen. Interesting to see a recipe swap cache even if I don't cook.

M&M-9 Alma Mata (New York)
State University of Stony Brook campus. Interesting wooded area near a commuter parking lot.

M&M-10 Remembrance (New York)
9/11 Memorial in Port Jefferson. There's also a holiday-themed mural next to it.

M&M-8 Painfully Easy (New York)
Police Officers Memorial Park in Wading River. Short walk from parking but the 'painful' part refers to the many thorny rose branches near the cache. Ouch.

JMB-24 Brookhaven Part 3, The Lighthouse (New York)
Beach area in Brookhaven. There's a view of a lighthouse from there. Also saw a swan swimming in the ocean. And here is a picture of the swan, the lighthouse and the bay.
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