Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Went out to Connecticut today. Hit 8 geocaches, all not too far from I-95 and I-91. There was a thin layer of snow (under 3 inches) at all the locations but that proved to be no hindrance at all.

Wanted to try the Malaysian restaurant on this list in New Haven but found that the restaurant wasn't open. Apparently, they are closed for a few hours between lunch and dinner. Oh well. Took a walk around that section of New Haven. It was pretty dead. Most of the stores were closed, and on a weekend! There was a good reason though. A note was posted on the front of the mall saying that the water main had burst.

Did end up going to the Malaysian restaurant in East Hanover, NJ. Long drive from CT! More on this later.

Looks like there will be snow tomorrow morning.
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