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More about yesterday...

Doesn't look like I'll be going anywhere today as the snow is still coming down. There will be a few inches of that. So... I'll elaborate on yesterday.

Went out geocaching in Connecticut, generally sticking close to I-95 and I-91. A bit of snow on the ground at all locations but none of the caches were made any more difficult by the snow so it was okay.

Gatsby (Connecticut)
Greenwich Point Park in Old Greenwich. It's a bit of a drive out onto a small peninsula of land, which is the park. According to the cache description, entrance fees are very steep ($10 per person) during the Spring and Summer so it's a good thing I went in the winter.

Picture: winter scene

Bradley Basic Cache (Connecticut)
Bradley Park in Wilton. Just a bit of a hike on snowy trails but not long or steep.

Picture: snowy woods

Concrete Club Cache (Connecticut)
Urban cache in Bridgeport. Easy to figure out as I've already found a few caches like this.

Was ever woman in this humour woo'd? (Connecticut)
Stratford Festival Theater in Stratford. The cache is on theater grounds but, just like the last time I was here, the closest parking is on the street around the back. Supposed to be a challenge but turned out to be a quick cache.

Master and Commander (Connecticut)
Charles F Wheeler salt marsh in Milford. Very short walk from parking and still an easy find despite the snow cover.

Pictures: snowy marsh, view through the reeds

Run With The Big Dogs (Connecticut)
Eisenhower Park in Milford. Someone noted that this cache was handicap accessible but that's probably via a different route. On the way there, I used stepping stones to cross a stream and on the way back, I climbed over concrete walls and crossed a concrete spillway. I don't think a wheelchair can do that. Anyway, this is supposed to be another tough hide and the GPS reception was surprisingly bad but finding the cache only took some careful looking where I though.

Pictures: half-frozen stream (the cylindrical black object in the center is a barrel), mural at the picnic pavilion.

Banton Street (Connecticut)
Quinnipiac River State Park in North Haven. Handicap accessible paved path, except maybe during the winter.

Picture: The paved path, but covered with snow.

Blue Canoe Cache (Connecticut)
Quinnipiac River State Park in North Haven. Further along the trail from Banton Street. Longer walk but still not too difficult. My guess is parts of the trail are muddy but everything is frozen now so that's not a problem.

Picture: The trail, where it runs through a pine grove

Went over to New Haven after the caches to check out Bentara, one of the Malaysian restaurants on this list. Guess what? We were too early for dinner so they were still closed. Oh well. I figured next on the list would be Penang in East Hanover so that's where we went.

Penang of East Hanover is located in a strip mall on the Westbound side of Route 10, East from the Ridgedale Ave intersection. The interior of the restaurant appears bigger than the one in Philadelphia. The place was packed! It took about 15 minutes for us to get a table.

What we had:
  • Lucky Rainbow Sashimi Platter. This is the first item on their special Chinese New Year menu insert. In Malaysia, it is more commonly known as yee sang, or literally raw fish. The two words sound like the Chinese words for 'easy' and 'life', hence the reason the dish is eaten at around the Chinese New Year. It's raw fish dressed up with crunchy bits, colorful preserved fruit and some other stuff.
    Lucky Rainbow Sashimi Platter
  • Roti canai. Similar to the dish at the Penang restaurant in Philadelphia. Crisp flat bread with chicken curry for dipping. This restaurant appears to have crisper roti but thinner curry than the other one.
    Roti canai
  • Bah kut teh. Chunks of pork ribs in a Chinese herb soup. It's okay but I don't recommend this item as there is a lot of better food on the menu.
  • Chicken fried rice. Pretty standard fare.
  • Pulut hitam. A bit of dessert. Sweetened purple glutinous rice.
    Pulut hitam

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