Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Unnecessary Smiley and Car Shopping Part 1

Sometimes webmail is too smart for its own good. The following line:

:let &printfont = &guifont

which is from the Vim mailing list, shows up in Spamcop's webmail as:


Yes, that's a purple shades-wearing smiley sticking its tongue out.

One question that arises is whether automatically substituting graphic smileys for text smileys is a good thing. It is harmless in ordinary text. If "cream&peaches" and "a&p supermarket" end up with graphic smileys in unintended locations, the worst that could happen is it would be harmlessly amusing. If it happens in programming code, it would be an annoyance because you'd have to view the message source to see what the graphic smiley originally was.

One thing I found out this evening at the nearby Saturn dealership is they do not offer the combination of manual transmission and AWD in their Saturn VUE line. Their AWD models (both the V4 and V6) come only with automatic transmission. Not that it's a bad thing but I prefer manual transmission so I'll have to check out a few other dealerships. I also found that the VUE comes with a smaller spare tire. Until then, I'd assumed that SUVs had full-sized spare tires. It doesn't look as flimsy as a donut tire but if I have to change a tire, why futz around with a below-standard spare? Ideally, I'd like a spare to last long enough to get me home because there are times when it's hard to find a tire place that's open for business.

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