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Jersey Fresh

Went geocaching around Northern and Central Jersey today. The weather started off cold in the morning but warmed up a bit in the afternoon, although it was still below freezing. Lots of lakes and swamps were frozen but strangely enough, the Manasquan River was still running and had very little ice. Some snow on the ground but that didn't make any of the geocaches harder to find.

Verona Park I (North) (New Jersey)
Verona Park in Verona. This is a multicache but the first stage wasn't necessary because it only affected the third decimal place. Not knowing the third decimal only increases the uncertainty by 50 feet so it was still easy.

Picture: frozen lake

Verona Park II (South) (New Jersey)
Verona Park in Verona. Also a microcache like the first one.

Picture: deep freeze in the park

Why Cough--Gotta Cold? (New Jersey)
F. Bliss Price Arboretum in Eatontown.

Picture: snowy arboretum

Blackberry Bay? Bingo! (New Jersey)
Blackberry Bay Park in Oceanport. Very easy. Practically a parking lot cache.

Picture: boat launch and a frozen bay

Manasquan River Flood Plain (New Jersey)
Allaire State Park in Farmingdale. No interpretive activity today at the historic Allaire Village because it's in the middle of winter. Took the trail leading out from Allaire Village to the Manasquan River.

Picture: the river is not frozen

I Lost My Marbles on Gilligan's Island (uC#2) (New Jersey)
Allaire State Park in Farmingdale. About 3/4 mile from the other cache. It's on an island in the Manasquan River with one way to cross to the island. Surprisingly easy even though it is rated 4 stars for terrain. My guess is there's a lot more mud when the ground isn't frozen and covered in snow.

Pictures: the river at this location, crossing the river

After the six geocaches, my parents and I went to Penang (Malaysian restaurant) in Edison for a late lunch. We'd already been to Penang in East Hanover and Philadelphia but there were more items on the menu to try. Authenticity in today's selection of dishes is down to about 60% or so. Doesn't mean that it is bad though. I thought the differences were interesting. But you may be disappointed if you wanted a 100% reproduction of Malaysian food. Anyway, here's what we had this time:
  • Yu Sang. A traditional Chinese New Year dish for good luck and prosperity. This is the same as the Lucky Rainbow Sashimi Platter in East Hanover but I think "Yu Sang" is a more authentic name. This time I took a reference photo of the menu so I can tell you that the ingredients are: slices of raw salmon, fresh jellyfish, deep-fried noodles, fresh pomelo, papaya, shredded radish, carrot, scallion, dried kumquat, dried persimmon, dried melon, fresh lime, white pepper, mixed spices, plum paste and apple jelly sauce.
    Yu Sang
  • Oyster Omelette. Another favorite of mine. It's bursting with cholesterol. :) This rendition, however, isn't quite the way I remember it from when I had that in Penang. (I mean Penang Island in Malaysia, not this restaurant)
    Oyster Omelette
  • Mee Goreng. Fried noodles. I thought this was quite good.
    Mee goreng
  • Kuey Teow Thong. Flat rice noodles in soup. Interesting variation but again, not the same as the way it is commonly done in Malaysia.
    Kuey Teow Thong
  • Bu Bur Cha Cha. A dessert. Yams in a sweet broth. Good and I thought this was reasonably authentic.
    Bu Bur Cha Cha


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