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Va Beach Day #7

Last day, as tomorrow morning, it will be time to head back to New Jersey.

No new geocaches to find today -- then again, there have only been 40 or so new caches over the past year in this area so that was to be expected -- so I decided to check out all the other thrift stores. I'd picked up a map and list of stores yesterday at Things Unlimited and that proved to be very useful. There sure are a lot, 18 of them on the list and that didn't include the three Norfolk-area stores near the motel. Drove around to a lot of them. Got more books and plush toys at amazingly low prices, but decided to pass on the large husky over in the Goodwill store at College Park Square. (on Military Highway in Norfolk, in case anyone wants it and is nearby :) ) The upshot is I discovered that this kind of shopping can be a lot of fun, and that people do donate/sell some pretty good items. I'll have to check out some of those thrift stores back in northern NJ. I think there's a new one on Route 17 in Paramus.

I have been using this laptop and cell phone hookup all this week and it has worked pretty well. Better than I thought, actually, as the connection wasn't as reliable when I tested it at home. Looks like I can start bringing this setup to furry and sci-fi cons too, and it'll be useful for updating LJ when the internet room isn't available. I can also browse a lot of the web but the main problem is it's a slow connection (14.4 Kbps, and with higher latency than a modem) so I have images turned off in Netscape. One thing I'd ask is, if you're writing HTML, to please add ALT text to your images, especially if they are image (button) links.


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