Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Got 9 geocaches today on Long Island. There could have been a 10th but I decided it would have been too hard with the snow cover and the bramble combined. Of the 9 caches, I'd say 2 were more difficult because of the snow but I got lucky on 1 of them because I happened to kick it and heard the sound of cache.

Cunningham Park #2 (New York)
Cunningham Park in Fresh Meadows, Queens.

Pirate's Treasure (New York)
Garden City. Weird location for a cache. Good thing the gas station wasn't open for business at the time so there wasn't a problem parking there and going for the cache.

LW-06 "Don't Worry, Be Crabby" (New York)
Henry Ingraham Nature Preserve in Northport. Snowy trail but not too hard until the bushwhack up the steep hill to the cache. And I found out later that it wasn't necessary because the trail did wind its way up the hill. There's also a cemetery along the trail.

LW-07 No Need For Speed! (New York)
Hobart Beach in Northport. A parking lot cache. Good view of Huntington Bay.

JMB-26 Setauket Harbor Micro (New York)
A parking lot cache. Good view of the Setauket Harbor, the people and the seagull.

speed demon (New York)
Wooded area next to an apartment complex in Port Jefferson Station. The cache was large and bright orange so it was very obvious. The challenge was getting through the bramble to get it.

YES- "close to the edge" (New York)
Port Jefferson Station. According to the cache description, this area is going to have a nature walk. Cache was well-hidden under snow and stuff.

Sayville Marina (Sayville, LI, NY) (New York)
Sayville Marina in Sayville. I've been here before for this cache but it has been relocated and relisted so it counts as another find. This cache would have been difficult to find under the snow but I happened to kick it and heard the sound of cache.

JMB-27 The Lace Mill (New York)
Swezey's Department Store in Patchogue. Interesting placement but it was given away by some telltale footprints in the snow.
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