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I'm ba-ack...

Back from Va Beach. Took the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel over to the Del-Mar-Va peninsula. Boy, that was a long bridge (17 miles) with two underwater sections! Picked up a virtual cache at the rest area a few miles up the bridge.

Hung around at the rest area (restaurant, gift shop and pier) for a bit. Kept thinking about Iain Banks' The Bridge. Like the book, the CBBT seems to extend forever in both directions if you look from the pier and with a bit of imagination, there could almost be a community, people living out their daily lives on a surreal bridge with no ends.

Yes, there is a toll. $10! But it does cut about 100 miles off the driving distance. The alternative, that I usually use, would be to go up I-64 and then I-95. However, going home by the CBBT is slower, mainly because US-13 and US-113 are more like local roads than interstates. They pass through numerous towns and have many traffic stops. DE State Route 1, a toll road branching off from US-113, would help if it were complete from end to end, and if it were not already seriously congested. Right now, parts of it aren't ready so the expressway dumps you back onto the slow and congested US-13 for some distance. Yet they still charge a toll. Ugh.

As always, the NJ Turnpike was majorly delayed from exit 6 to exit 8A. Had to take I-295 and US-1 to bypass the traffic. Has the turnpike ever not had a problem this summer? *sigh*

Well, it's been a fun week. Back to work tomorrow.


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