Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Sterling Forest, Northern NJ

Just picked up a few caches this morning and then went for lunch. Met two geocaching teams at two of the caches, which is quite remarkable as I didn't think too many would be out today.

Ghost Town (New York)
Sterling Forest in Tuxedo Park. The name of the cache refers to some ruins near the trailhead. It was a walk on snowy woods roads all the way.

Down By The Station (New Jersey)
Morris Plains. Parking lot cache. Met a geocaching team from Bethlehem, PA.

Christmas Ornament (New Jersey)
Freylinghuysen Arboretum in Morristown. Multi-stage cache. The final stage proved to be somewhat difficult but fortunately, Team Skully & Mulder came along to help.
Pictures: Group Photo #1, Group Photo #2.

Morristown is close enough to East Hanover so we went to the Malaysian restaurant there for a second visit. We had:
  • Lucky Rainbow Sashimi Platter (Yu Sang). Might as well take advantage of this because the Chinese New Year specials are ending soon.

  • Pasembur. This is a Malaysian salad containing bean curd, shrimp fritters, hard boiled eggs, jicama, bean sprouts and cucumber served in a spicy gravy.


  • Seafood Chow Fun. We already had this in Philadelphia but this one is more authentic because the gravy is thicker.

    Seafood Chow Fun

  • Claypot Pearl Noodles. In Malaysia, these noodles are known as "lou shi fun" or literally "rat noodles". The noodles taper like a rat's tail, hence the name.

    Claypot Pearl Noodles

  • Chendol for dessert. Green noodles, red beans and brown syrup on ice shavings.



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