Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Westchester and Putnam Counties

Went to the East of the Hudson today. The snow was deep everywhere, on the trails and in the woods, and that did make a few of the geocaches pretty hard to find. Some thinking saved a lot of digging in the snow but that didn't help with the last one.

Had a grilled chicken caesar club at the Burger King in Brewster. (Maybe I should have stopped at the Red Rooster too. ;) ) There was a big poster outside the restaurant proclaiming the low-carb advantage of this particular sandwich but with the baguette and the salad dressing, I doubt it really is low in carbohydrates. It's a pretty good sandwich though.

Stella's Saw Mill Secret (New York)
Woodlands Lake in Irvington. The Westchester Hunger Memorial (informational sign) is located near the parking lot.

Over the River... (NOT) (New York)
Deans Bridge in Somers. This location is a closed bridge at the end of a dead end road.

Hoya Saxa! (New York)
Near a Balanced Rock in North Salem. (informational sign) This is a 60-ton glacial erratic supported by a few smaller rocks.

Swamp Thing (New York)
Patterson Environmental Park in Patterson. Supposedly, this is a swampy bug-infested area so it's a good thing I went there in the winter. The snow was deep but I got lucky with this one and it was in the first place I poked at.

milkyway (New York)
Sterling Farm Preserve in Patterson. Steep trail uphill and the snow made the terrain more challenging. The snow was deep but I figured out where the cache would be and dug it out within a short period of time.

Fill Up the Ice Box 2 (New York)
Ice Pond Preserve in Brewster. By far the hardest cache of the day. The given coordinates were somewhat off. Read the hint but the clue item itself was totally covered under the snow and almost unrecognizable. But eventually, I found the clue item and then the cache.

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