Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


John C Dvorak's column is usually a good read but I think he's gone off the deep end. In the latest issue of PC Magazine, he wrote:

Cookies and spyware. Who ever thought that browser cookies were a good idea? I'm not even sure they're legal: I was under the impression that hacking was against the law. The last time I ran Ad-aware on my machine, it turned up 54 processes sending marketing data (and who knows what else) to various companies. I didn't give anyone permission to do this. Shame on companies -- all of them -- that insist on using cookies and demand that users allow them before they can access a site. You can be certain that when the Big One hits, cookies will somehow be involved.

Would someone tell this man that cookies and spyware are not the same thing?

And then in the Inside Track section, he wrote:

Now Sony has come up with a human-like robot that can jump and run, which seems incredibly difficult to accomplish. I don't know about you, but these robots are creeping me out. These companies should stop now, before they teach the robots to kill us!

Oh please. Getting robots to run and jump in a controlled lab environment without falling over is hard enough. I think it's safe to say that robot killing sprees aren't on the agenda for tomorrow.

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