Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Orange County

Visited 3 geocache sites in Orange County today. Lots of snow all around. All 3 caches were tough finds although the first one was more of an accuracy issue than a snow cover issue. The other 2 required considerable amounts of digging around in the snow.

Lunch was at Arby's in Middletown, NY and that was followed by a visit to the Salvation Army thrift store next door.

Return to Indian Hill (New York)
Indian Hill Park in Southfields. Couldn't park inside because the gate was closed so I had to park out near the road. Fascinating place with ruins, abandoned buildings and tracks in the snow.

Mineral Springs Waterfall (New York)
Black Rock Preserve in Highland Mills. Parking was an issue here because there were 'No Parking' signs on the road but fortunately, there was a one-car space dug out in the snow. Slow walk in the snow to get to the cache location and the final part was rather slippery. This cache was tough to find. I had to feel around in the snow to find it.

Go Fish! (New York)
Riverfront Park in Montgomery. This cache used to be out by the Wallkill River but according to the logs, someone relocated it to a higher place to keep it from ending up in the water. This too was quite a tough find because the cache was small and on the ground under the snow.

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