Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Westchester and Putnam

Another day of geocaching in the snow in Westchester and Putnam Counties. The temperature was in the 40s yesterday. Somewhat colder today and it appeared that the snow had refrozen overnight and had become much harder. The upside is the hard snow is easier to walk on. The downside is had any of the caches been under a lot of snow, an ice pick would have been necessary. Fortunately, most of today's caches were in spots sheltered from the snow and the rest didn't require too much searching in the snow.

Went to the Burger King in Brewster after that for another grilled chicken caesar club sandwich. They were selling the Cat In The Hat Christmas ornaments at 2 for $1 so I got 2 of those to use as geocache trade items.

Merestead Spinney (New York)
Merestead County Park in Mount Kisco. A charming estate that became a county park. Easy to find this cache as it was not covered by snow.

Merestead Vista (New York)
Merestead County Park in Mount Kisco. Just across the road from the other cache. It was very cold and windy at the top of the hill but there was a snow-free patch there. Either that spot gets the most sunlight or the wind blew the snow off or both. Also saw a fireplace near the house.

Blue Heron Cache (New York)
Henry Morgenthau Preserve (Nature Conservancy) in Pound Ridge. A bit more difficult to find the cache. The area still had quite a bit of snow.

Georgia Connection #1 (New York)
Bill Huestis Park in Kent. Easy cache near an angry duck.

Cow Cache (New York)
CR-42 and SR-301 junction in Kent. This cache is located near a rock painted like a cow.

Yestas Cache (New York)
Clarence Fahnestock State Park in Putnam Valley near the Appalachian Trail. Lots of snow in the area, most of it frozen hard, so the cache could have been tough to find. Fortunately, it turned out to be hidden in one of the few places that was sheltered from the snow.

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