Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Westchester and Putnam

Tough going but crossed a few more caches in Westchester and Putnam Counties off the list. By now, the snow had melted and refrozen many times so the snow was crunchy and trails were icy. Indeed, the first cache of the day was frozen in solid ice so the proof that I found it will have to be some pictures I sent the cache owner.

Bye Bye Love (New York)
Bye Nature Preserve in Pound Ridge. Short walk. Still quite snowy. The cache was partially embedded in ice and proved impossible to extract without better tools.

In the trail log box, there were brochures for the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem. That might be worth a visit when the weather is warmer.

Leatherman Hill Cache (New York)
On Leatherman Hill in the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Pound Ridge. According to the cache description, one of the caves of the Leatherman is below this hill. There are some good views of the Cross River Reservoir from there.

Jonboy's Drive In (New York)
Muscoot Farm County Park in Somers. Did this the short way by climbing up the hill from Route 100. The view downhill from there.

Path of the Cobra (New York)
Ninham MUA in Carmel. Located near a pond. This cache seems to be right on a property line, based on what some passers-by said. Shouldn't be a problem if everyone approaches from the blazed trail in the public area.

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