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Went to Connecticut around Danbury, Redding and New Milford. Quite a difference from yesterday's Long Island trip. The woods are full of snow and the trails are all icy.

People in this area are so friendly. Always waving and saying hello. As a New Jerseyan, that just seems too weird to me. :)

Late lunch was at the excellent Arby's on US-7 in New Milford. The town appears to be growing. They have some new strip malls that I don't think were there on a previous visit.

The Cows Are Lowing (Connecticut)
Huntington State Park in Redding. Located at some farmhouse ruins. I was informed by Planet, a fellow geocacher, that the vertical bars in this old stone building were meant to hold the hay in place as it is a barn.

Malfunction Junction (Connecticut)
Huntington State Park in Redding.

Absolutely No Swimming - MPAC (Connecticut)
Huntington State Park in Redding. Next to the frozen lake.

Wabbit Twacks (Connecticut)
Huntington State Park in Redding. On the other side of the park so I drove around and parked there.

Pammy's Putnam Cache (Connecticut)
Putnam Memorial State Park in Redding. A quick cache. Parked around the back of the park and went in that way.

Easy Kid's Cache (Connecticut)
New Milford. This is farmland but the cache was placed with permission. Very close to the road so it was a quick dash.

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