Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Car Shopping #2

I got one of those Toyota sweepstakes forms in the mail today so hey, why not pay a visit to the Toyota dealership in Ramsey? Got there, showed them the sweepstakes form and I was led to the service area in the back of the building. It's surprising how busy the whole place is compared to the Saturn dealership. These cars must be selling a lot better.

Anyway, someone from the service department took the sweepstakes entry. Then I went back out to the showroom to ask about the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. The sales rep said it won't be out until next year. I left my contact info so he'll call when more info is available. Fuel efficiency is the reason to consider a hybrid engine. Hybrid vehicles do tend to cost more (on the order of $6,000) than the equivalent gas engine models but may be worthwhile if gas prices and/or gas taxes go up a lot.

Apart from that, I went to the Chinese supermarket to get some snacks and dried anchovies, Borders to get a book, Michael's to get a strip of velcro, Sports Authority to get an eyeglass retainer, Home Depot to get a hammer, and the A&P to get yoghurt and milk. And that is all.
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