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The vertiginous cliffs of Boston??

My hit rate is finally over 20% at Where's George?! One in five bills are being re-entered by others. May not seem like much but it's nearly double the site-wide average.

I don't often write about my dreams these days because frankly, most of them aren't that memorable or interesting. But here's one I had last night...

I was standing in a deserted city of yellowed (perhaps because of a setting sun) buildings and structures. In dream mode, I thought it was Boston. Of course, that made no sense because that area wasn't like anywhere in the real-life city.

Anyway, I was wondering how to get out of there and figured I had to at least walk south in order to get back to New Jersey. (Heheh... sound reasoning there.) So, heading south, I came across some broad concrete stairs going down. Still no one around at all. After heading down several flights of those stairs, I noticed that they were ending right at a cliff. It looked like the cliff was going down at least a few hundred feet because the part beyond it was blurred and had tiny rivers and farmhouses. So I headed back up the stairs and that's when the dream ended.


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